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Dinner in situ

A quick comment about dinner last night! Lamb from some upcountry farm and great veggies. Look closely at the kitchen makeup. Each thing is unique and fun!

L to R:  Vikki, Inger, Becky, Beth

A Bit of Robert Service in Context

Last night we had a bit of Robert Service; "The Call of the Yukon". We had prepared the poem for when we were here but expecting it to be cold and a little more in the mood. However being here at Engholm Lodge is as perfect a location for Robert Service as anywhere. We shall select another one for tonight.

The Squaw Man

The cow-moose comes to water, and the beaver's overbold,
The net is in the eddy of the stream;
The teepee stars the vivid sward with russet, red and gold,
And in the velvet gloom the fire's a-gleam.
The night is ripe with quiet, rich with incense of the pine;
From sanctuary lake I hear the loon;
The peaks are bright against the blue, and drenched with sunset wine,
And like a silver bubble is the moon.
Cloud-high I climbed but yesterday; a hundred miles around
I looked to see a rival fire a-gleam.
As in a crystal lens it lay, a land without a bound,
All lure, and virgin vastitude, and dream.
The great sky soared exultantly, the great earth bared its breast,
All river-veined and patterned with the pine;
The heedless hordes of caribou were streaming to the West,
A land of lustrous mystery -- and mine.


Oh My Gosh! This morning after breakfast we had the privilege to help feed the dogs who were just outside the dining room waiting impatiently for us to finish breakfast so they could be fed. There are 58 dogs, all except one are chained. The lead dog goes around keeping all dogs in their place. It is terrific.

This is how we felt this morning as we were eating breakfast with the dogs waiting and howling for their food!

Regular dog house for each dog.

Lead dog with house pet dog waiting for food. They get theirs first!

Below is a video of the dogs in their habitat at Engholm.  Click on the "play" arrow even if you don't see the picture.

The best of the best....the dogs knowing breakfast is on the way.

All the dog names ready to be harnessed. 
Remember these dogs have run some mighty great races.

 Becky volunteered to assist in the doggie breakfast. She was assigned a pooper scooper and a scoop. She then went around scooping poop while the dogs ate and prepared to p... some more!

Becky finished with a "Moods of Norway" design on her jeans and shirt from the dogs paw prints. Both of which had to be washed asap!! What fun fun fun!!!!

The Sami

We are staying in the Sampii area at the Engholm Design Husky Lodge which is right in the middle of where the Sami people live. They have a Parliament of their own but function under the Norwegian government. We visited their Parliament, visited their museums and have learned so much about these indigenous people. They have preserved their culture and language but function well within the Norwegian society. Many Sami still ranch with reindeer and we had a great time taking photos of the reindeer up close.

The Sami Parliament

Two Sami men

The famous white reindeer and the shedding of winter fur.

Our dinner location at the Rica Hotel near the Sami museum. A sod restaurant. 
A meal of reindeer costs about 60$ US.

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