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Private Driver and Portage

Road trip -- need a car.
Road trip -- need a car for four women and luggage.
Inger and Hertz/Kirkenes have provided:  a VW Passat wagon.  

Great Thon hotel in Kirkenes, great room, great view

Road trip -- car delivered to Thon Hotel and we're off by 10:15 am.  Down the road and thru town to a gas station to buy a map, tho car rental man provided directions in Norwegian to Inger.  We drove thru Finland -- a short cut.  (More later.)

Go this far to a bridge but not over it.  Turn left.  Go to a K-name town and take the road to the right/north.  Go to the second K-name town and find tourist info.   So fun, Vikki insisted we stop at each shop opportunity in Finland to see if there is something for us to purchase. We ended up having a great picnic in Finnland beside a great lake.

Nothing until we found a grocery where we loaded up on snacks. Vikki got some of the great dark chocolate with pear and almond, Karl Fraser.

 Inger called our lodging place and after another couple of "go here's" and "turn there's" we are at 

Engholm Husky Lodge

Here's the link so you can learn more.  Here.

You will see that everything is natural -- floors, shelves, brackets, sink, even the shower mat is inlaid stone.  Furniture made from logs, sod on the roof, bear skin on the wall, mink hanging in the corner, fish eagle feather lamp.  This is how the northwest should look! Luscious, luscious, luscious. We are in awe of the talent and the design.  We met Sven Engholm who is an 11 times winner of Europe's longest sled dog race, the "Finnmarksløpet - 1000 km.-- and his husky dogs. Sven completed the Iditarod 4 times in 1996-1999, once finishing in the top ten!

The home of Willis/Bianco, and on the other side Jacobsen/Kingslien

Dinner here tonight.  Probably a walk to the Karasjok River if the elephant-sized mosquitos are forgiving. The folks here don't swim, they jump in the river for a dip!!! Usually mornings...tomorrow we shall join them! 

Our bedroom

Our Kitchen

Becky and Inger toasting the beautiful site

Wait until we tell you about the  dogs.

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