Friday, February 7, 2014

Itinerary -- One Day at a Time


Late Jan and early Feb -- emails, conversations and decision to "YES" travel to Norway
(Dates are shown in US format mm/dd/yy)

2/3/14 -- Birger tells us about their village and details about Vikki/Inger travel before Beth/Becky join them.

2/5/14 -- Beth/Becky finalize their plans with US travel specialist Maria Nelson at AAA Tacoma (2.11.2014 still finalizing.....)

21 days.  Planes, boats, trains, busses, cars, taxis, and feet will take us to these wonderful experiences --

    6/30 -- depart Seatac for Oslo via Reykjavik, Iceland
     7/2 -- arrive Oslo and explore there for two days

Royal Christiania Hotel Oslo

 7/3 -- depart Oslo by train (The Bergenbannen) for a cross country ride west to Bergen

   7/4 -- explore Bergen 

                      Bergan Admiral Hotel

before we board the ship Finnmarken (on 7/5, at 8pm) for a coastline trip northward

     7/7 -- a guess as to when Vikki and Inger join us when the ship stops at Bodo.  
     7/11 -- arrive Kirkenes.  Check your map.  By now we will have crossed Arctic Circle. We will be staying two nights at the Thon Hotel right on the Fijord as we do our exploring.

 And be within shouting distance of Russia.


 7/12 -- Take a river boat on the King Crab Safari, picnicking near the Russian Border on the Barents Sea where we will hunt King Crab, look at Russia and swim(float) in the Sea. AND most our catch!!!

      7/12 -- depart Kirkenes after all the adventures there which Inger arranged.
     7/12 -- we are on the road to Karasgok and Engholm Lodge.  2 nights here 

 Engholm Lodge

     7/14 -- we have arrived at Alta, thanks to Inger's driving and navigation skills.

The travelers must here part ways.

Adventures having filled their days.

There will be tears when they depart 

Leaving memories in every heart

     7/15 -- Beth/Becky leave Alta for Stockholm via Oslo. 

 3 nights in Stockholm to see the city and museums and enjoy a nice hotel and sit al fresco at 11 pm having a vodka in the Midnight Sun.


                                   Blu Strand Hotel Stockholm

 7/18 -- depart Stockholm for Reykjavik to spend 4 nights.  

Reykjavik Marina Hotel

Here we will visit the Blue Lagoon, do the Golden Circle tour, take a cooking class, explore a
nd rest.

     7/22 -- depart Reykjavik for Seattle at 5 pm and arrive in Seattle at 5:45 pm the same day.

God is Good.