Thursday, January 30, 2014

FOB -- Friends of Beth

Friends and Friends and Friends

FOB -- these friends of Beth are all over the world.  And the FOB have friends all over the world.  It's like a private version of LinkedIn without all the logins and passwords, all the advantages and none of the hassle.

FOB Vikki lives in South Dakota. 

 FOB Vikki has Norwegian heritage and connections.  FOV Inger lives in Norway. 

 Becky is an FOB, so if you connect all the dots then -- 

Beth knows Inger.  Becky knows Vikki and Inger.  Beth and Becky get to accompany Vikki and Inger on a Magnificent Norway Adventure.

Take care of your friends, no matter where they are.  Stay in touch with them.  Tell them they matter in your life.  Friends are your link to a life of adventure, consistency, love, and laughter.

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