Readers -- this is where you'll find our adventures in the order of the events as they happen.

    7/1 - 7/3  Arrival and Oslo Hotel. Here.
    7/1 Mixing Cultures in Oslo. Here
    Oslo Pictures Here
    7/3 Bergen Train -- Across the Roof of Norway  Here
       Bergen train pictures Here

   7/4 Bergen, a City of Beauty Here        
        Bergen City pictures Here
   7/5  Embarkation and shopping in rainy Bergen Here

Our Hurtigurten Adventure
   7/6 Anchors Aweigh Here
   7/6 Geiranger Fjord Here
          Fjord pictures Here

   7/7  Viking Traders of Trondheim  Here
       Trondheim pictures Here

Arctic Circle
    7/8 (very early am)  Crossing the Arctic Circle Here           
        Arctic Circle pictures Here

    7/8 (very late pm)  The Trolls of Trollfjord Here 
       Trollfjord pictures Here

North Cape and Tromso
   7/10  Topping off Norway Here
        Nordkapp (North Cape) pictures Here

King Crab Safari
     7/11  King Crab and more King Crab Here
        King Crab Safari pictures Here

Karasjok and Engholm Husky Design Lodge
     7/12  Driving thru Finland to Engholm Husky Lodge Here
        Karasjok and Engholm pix Here

The Sami Nation
     7/13  The SAMI Nation Here          
      Sami Nation pictures Here

On the Road to Alta
     7/14  On the road to Alta Here            
      A few more Alta pictures Here

Stockholm, SWEDEN
     7/15  Good bye Norway -- Hello Sweden  Here
     7/16  Abba and the other museums Here          
     7/17  Gusto with Gustaf  Here

                 Stockholm pictures Here

Reykjavik, Iceland
      7/18 Brrrrrrrrr  Here
      7/20 A day of rest  Here
            Reykjavik photos Here  (updated to show day of rest pix)
      7/19  The Sun is Shy at the Blue Lagoon  Here
        Blue Lagoon Pix Here

      7/22  Golden Circle -- Geysers, etc.  Here         
          Golden Circle Pix Here

7/22 Homeward Bound

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  1. Found North Cape (top of the world) in my atlas but not Tromso..