Tuesday, July 15, 2014



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Hitting the Road.

Up at dawn (since it has been dawn all night.) Remember Midnight sun. We have spent all this week above the Arctic Circle enjoying continuous daylight. Today at 7:30am, we leave Alta and head for Tromso, Oslo and the Glorious Sweden. We said goodbye to Inger and Vikki with a celebratory dinner at the Rica Hotel in Alta. Today and for the rest of the trip we will be on our own while missing them as they have fun in other places.

As we got into the clouds we saw how really beautiful Alta is. Located on the fjord/lake it offers cross-country skiing with beautiful lodges along the way, Gene says it has some of the greatest powder skiing anywhere, and golfer, Anika Sorenstamm.

Lutheran Northern Lights Cathedral

New walking downtown Alta, Norway

Celebrating Stockholm

We have three days and loads of activities to complete. We are in our first Radisson Blu Hotel (Iceland will be also). This hotel is right on the Strand. We overlook the water, boats, and beautiful buildings. Stockholm at first glance is huge. Well we have been in villages of 3K - 6K folks in the High North Norway so any city is going to be overwhelming.

The city has been preserved as there was no bombing during the war (they stayed neutral) and the tops of the buildings are mostly mansard roofs with a French twist. Cobbled stone narrow streets and tiny shops are along the way. The churches are marvelous and soar into the sky. Be prepared for loads of photos.

The Strand

The Strand

The Old Town

The Old Town

We are looking forward to a few hours of dark for sleeping.  The 24/7 daylight is so seductive, tempting you to awaken at 2:15 am for yet another adventure.  We are a bit sleep deprived so tonight's 5 hours between sun down at 10 and sun rise at 4 promise to be hours of delightful serious sleep.

We hope that wherever you are your dreams are sweet and your rest is peaceful.