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FYI All is good, we found this on the shelf as we crossed from Finland back to Norway. Just a little touch of home:)

A great location for a picnic on a quiet lake.

So we did and it was great!


Today we head north to Alta as our final driving destination. We are sad to be leaving Engholm Lodge and the poochies. However, the dogs are also packing off to move to the lake and enjoy swimming and playing and escaping the mosquitos. 

Vikki having a soft boiled egg held in a raindeer horn eggcup.

This is the workshop of Sven Engholm. Cool huh? He designs and builds all of the pieces that enhance each of the cabins. We wish we knew more about the people responsible for the overall concept, the fabrics, the furniture, etc.

As we leave, we are again reminded that Robert Service had a love of the High North Country. One of our Arizona friends, Gene, sent this comment early today;

"THIS IS ALL i REMEMBER: (It's been 70 some years ago ya know)   

I'm Sam McGee from Tennessee where the cotton blooms and grows
Why I left my home in the South to roam in the North God only knows
It was always cold but the land of gold seems to hold me like a spell
Though I often say in my homey way I'd sooner live in hell."

 The Road to Alta 

Inger drove off toward Kautokeino for about two hours, including a picnic lunch in a Sami park. We ate surrounded by old Sami housing that was not destroyed in the German razing of Finnmarken as they retreated toward Russia.

  In Kautokeino is a large silver artisans' (18 designers) design studio. Now I mean to tell you this is in the middle of nowhere Finnmarken. Here is this beautiful facility with cars parked everywhere (we saw none on the road to there). Marvelous design items, including loads of great silver jewels. Sami Joik singing was being played in the entire facility. Smashing!

We learned earlier that Joik singing is simply tones, no words.  Each Sami child is gifted a personal joik by his/her parents.  Later, the songs are sung as a personal expression, an appreciation of nature, or as a prayer for meditation.  Remember -- no words.

Another two hours with Becky driving us around the mountains, up and down along the river we arrived in Alta where we have checked into the Rica Hotel. We are so grateful for our two drivers, Inger and Becky. Terrific in all ways.

We have a "sort of" view looking out onto the construction site of the Northern Lights Cathedral of Alta. Tomorrow we say a fond farewell to the others, Inger and Vikki, as we split and go our separate ways.

We've learned and shared.  We've laughed and giggled.  We've enjoyed every precious moment.  Vikki was our museum expert in whom we never were disappointed whether is was the Polar Museum in Tromso or the many Sami exhibits. Inger will have a challenge in planning our next trip to Norway -- with every event/location she has offered incredible experiences.  

Gratitude is our attitude.

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