Saturday, July 19, 2014


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Becky to the masseuse, while lying on a floating 'table' in the milky Blue Lagoon:  I think this place must be even more beautiful when the sun is shining.

Her reply: It is very beautiful.  Today, the sun is shy.

The Blue Lagoon
It's a fur piece out of town, accessible on a big group tour bus departing from central station at 10 am.  Our voucher promised us a ride directly from our hotel -- the Marina Hotel.

Already a problem -- original voucher from travel agent says, "Pick up at Borg Hotel."  So lots of confirming.  Several explanations at hotel reception and finally a "yes."  We will be picked up at Marina Hotel.  "He will park at the end of the drive and will come into the lobby and call your name."

"Hello, I am Borg."  Yes, it's not a hotel.  HE is a bus driver -- tho how the agency knew the name of the driver when we booked in May. . .  Borg had a wonderful, deep, resonant laugh from the heart and we managed to be rewarded with hearing it several more times from hotel to central station.

The Blue Lagoon is in the middle of lava beds.  We think it's a man made structure, having something to do with the geo-thermal heating used by the entire country.  The water is milky blue like opals, with steam rising in a wet fog.  

Entrance to the Blue Lagoon

There is a huge, but orderly, complex of showers and shops and bars and restaurants.  We paid at reception, scheduled massages (in the water!), and received a bright white robe and a large fluffy dark green towel.  As the lava is all covered with moss and lichen the towel is a perfect coordinate.

Rest and relaxation

The Massage
"After you enter the lagoon, 'swim' all the way to the left where the chain divides the general pool from the massage pool."  The bottom of the lagoon is, of course, not visible but our feet could tell it was an irregular surface, like lava rock honed by either man-made tools or the working of the water and minerals.

The masseuse met us at our appointed time and instructed us how to lie onto the blue floating mat with contours matching the shape of a body at relaxed rest.  The massage technique is unusual -- a back massage from under the water.  The masseuse's hands slip between your back and the mat and massage the entire area of your back.

Then your arms and hands and fingers.  Then your shoulders and finally your head.

"I will dip you now and then to keep you warm."  It's not a dance; it's a break in the massage so your body on the mat (and covererd by a towel) can be gently dipped into the warm lagoon pool.  Never cold, never.  Timing is everything, you know.

We took a break after the massage and ate our sammiches and drank lots of pure, cold, Iceland water.  Very nice.

After more exploring into the really really warm side of the lagoon -- like a hot tub -- we decided to shower, dress, and meet the return ride to town.  

The Weather

It's been quite rainy and very wet.  The shy sun stayed hidden as we swam in what must have been a low-hanging cloud.  The rain was pelting and sideways on our walk back out the path thru the lava bed, to the bus.  Rain flew at the bus all the way back into town.

That "shy" sun must be in Norway continuing the heat wave there?