Thursday, April 24, 2014

Not the Seychelles

Well, not for Becky at least, who is in rainy Washington State, USA.

Meanwhile, Miss Bethie is basking in sun and adulation at consul meetings in the Seychelles.

I am sure when she reads this Beth will add a picture which will attest to the veracity of her locale.  Becky chooses not to highlight yet another day of squalls, rain, sideways rain, rained out baseball games, rain soaked everything, and volatile rain clouds on every horizon.

We are about 70 days from the adventure as this post finds its way to immortality on the net.

Stay dry and prosper . . .and of course show envy of the lovely lovely Seychelles islands. Warm to hot, damp to humid, lush to jungle, lovely to Wowser!! Enjoy!