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Some help for subscribers.

Signing up

If you enter your email in the box you will get two things --
an email from Mail Chimp asking you to confirm that you really want to subscribe
and then when you agree you will go to a website that says your subscription is confirmed

The daily email will come from Rebecca Bianco (becky_bianco@comcast.net) so make sure the email doesn't go to spam.  Some of you don't know me and so my email will not be familiar.

Daily Email

Every day, sometime early in the am whilst you are snoring, an email will arrive containing the latest information we have posted. 

If we didn't post anything new, you won't get an email.

Navigating the email

The blue links in the email will take you to another part of the email where you can read more.
To get to the blog there are THREE links.

  1. at the top it says Go to the Blog
  2. under the title below the picture it says Go to the Blog
  3. below the text of the post is a button that says Read the Blog here.

Enjoy and add a comment now and then so we know you are reading.

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