Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Magnificent Maria

Nuttin' better than a woman who can read our minds!!!!

Maria is our talented travel consultant.  In my book, what sets her apart are her listening skills.  She shares our enthusiasm for a new adventure while also hearing and responding to the nuances of our finances.  (Now THAT'S a title for another post!)

Above is a photo of Maria, her baby Faith and the rest of her marvelous family. Next, I will give you a few words about Maria's approach.

She doesn't ask the usual questions, tho somehow she discovers when we want to travel.  In this case she worked backward and forward around a date and location where we wanted to meet up with Vikki and Inger (VI) in Norway.

And with a glint in her eye -- while helping us find the best route home -- she says, " Think Reykjavik . Iceland Air owns the northern direct routes in and out of Seattle!"  

What a gal!  Did I mention she saved us money?  Well, "save" may be too dramatic a word.  What she did was help us find a trip within our budget so we could actually say, "Book it, Maria!"

We did, she did, and we are definitely headed to Norway. So the itinerary has changed, the goodies are still there, but we do have to actually do a few things on our own...ick! We love being taken care of.......... however, The BEST is left and we are thrilled as to how it worked out and we did not lose any days.   

AND now Maria can return to tending to darlin' Faith...our precious blessing.