Wednesday, July 9, 2014


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Midnight Sun

A day of days. We cross the Arctic Circle, have all kinds of celebrations and historical infomercials for the fantastic arctic explorations by the Norwegians.

Loads of geographical photos that show the change in the topography of the landscapes. NO MORE TREES, MORE JAGGED MOUNTAINS, barren except for bits of green that looks a lot like our NW moss.

It is 11:00 pm and still daylight as we head for the Trollfjord. The skinny skinny skinny inlet that makes Princess Louisa Inlet look like  Commencement Bay.

We could not touch the sides but it was mighty close. It is midnight, clear, calm and stunningly beautiful. The water is light green, clear, and you can see down into it for miles(sorta). The waterfall was a true topper.

Inger was busy taking photos left and right. Hi Birger!

Even if you haven't looked at other pix, don't miss these.  
Here for Trollfjord pix.

FACTOID: Trolls sleep for 1,000 years after their midday nap and before they start throwing stones at the ship!

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