Wednesday, July 9, 2014


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And What do My Wandering Eyes Perceive?

"The weather is having difficulty deciding whether to go all for proper winter or just to stick to being antisocially cold." said Anita in  the book, MEET ME IN MALMO.

After a beautiful day in Trondheim yesterday in the mid 70' dawns (barely at 5:00am) foggy, gray, dank, rainy, typical marine morning. We just left Nesna, Norway and are heading for the "CROSSING"! 

We hear some announcement on the speaker but can't understand it so we rush to the "camp" in anticipation. We realize that we have an hour or so more before we hit the "CROSSING"! This photo is our "Northern Lights" or as close as we can get.....

As we get closer, the fog begins to lift and the sun filters into our 7.11.40 the MS Finnmarken hits the mark!!! How do we know???? As we look out the window, we see a "globe" built on a small island, Vikingen. 
66DEG 33MIM. From now on we will belong to the same family as 400,000 of Norway's citizen who are members of the world's northernmost civilization. 


We hit Bodo right at noon, the sun is shinning and shirt sleeves are  shortening. We stood by the railing as we entered Bodo looking for Inger and Vikki. There they were standing with their suitcases waiting and waving.

Very easy entry for them and quick check-in. Their room is just down the hall from ours and we will be sharing a table of 4 for dinner each night. We are so happy they have finally joined us and all our separate journeys have merged into the fairy tale Birger(Inger’s husband) has suggested.

L to R:  Vikki, Beth, Inger, Becky

 The weather has perked up, the sun is shinning, most of the Europeans are sitting in the sun taking naps....temperature low 70's. We have to rest up, for tonight we meet the trolls at midnight in the daylight!!

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