Tuesday, July 1, 2014


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We made it!

We have arrived in the wrong day and wrong time but have managed to make our way from this gigantic train station via taxi to the hotel.  Well we didn't arrive by train but by bus, tho in the same general area.  Walk from bus to hotel was along cobbled sidewalks and crosswalks with lights that seemed to stay green only 30 seconds.

Hotel is old but serviceable, with a dressed up lobby and rooms that need makeovers.  Before she drifted off to sleep Beth observed:  "we'll be missing this hotel when we have to spend 6 nights in the time ship cabin."

We are only here for a couple of nights, where "here" is the Clarion Royal Christiania Hotel.  Which means we will be living out of the suitcase for a bit.  (Looking ahead to unpacking while on the ship -- stay tuned.)

Met the Norway Consul to the Seychelles.  As Beth is the WA/AZ Consul, she contacted Tore after our arrival time was certain.  He was tall -- of course-- with a gentle and kind way.  Brought us city maps; showed us to way to City Hall where we will meet city tour tomorrow; and accompanied us to the station (picture above) so we could locate track for Bergeb train on Thursday.

Tore suggest a restaurant on the station plaza, Egon, where we retreated after bidding him farewell.  Believe anyone who tells you it's expensive over here.  We each had a bratwurst (long skinny thing hanging over the bun on both ends;  and shared a pitcher of Ringnes beer.  465 nork (Norwegian kroner). 

Translation?  About $80.  Yikes!

We are safe, tired, and still saying to ourselves: " I can't believe we're in Norway""

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