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Consuls Conferencing

It was soooo exciting heading out of SeaTac to Reykjavik June 30. The plane is full...Most everyone is tall, very blond and delightful to talk to.

A quick less than 7 hour flight with a full plane to Reykjavik and a 30 minute change of planes and we are off to Oslo!!! 

As we arrive in Oslo, what to my wandering eyes should appear!!! A beautiful Boeing Dreamliner parked right next to us! Norwegian Air.

Here we are in OSLO!!  Holy cow! lugging the luggage around the cobblestone streets was NOT fun! Even though the trainstation/bus station was close...NOT close enough. I considered a "just like in a movie" tossing out unnecessary items as I trudged down the street!

The hotel; Clarion Royal Christiania was built for the 1952 Olympics and it appears they might have not updated anything since then. But very centrally located across from the Train Sentral Station.

And the first in-depth conversation is my colleague Tore Wendleborg, 
H Consul, Republic of Seychelles for Norway. He arrived at the hotel shortly after our check-in. What a great mix of cultures. Rain outside the hotel and we sit talking about warm sunny places..

We had the opportunity to discuss the promotion of spreading the word on the glories of the Seychelles and environs like the brand new Savoy Hotel in Belle Vallon (5 Star). 

The 6,300-m² hotel has 163 rooms, a business conference centre, two restaurants, a beach bar, fitness centre and a spa which has a Russian steam room.

The new resort's biggest attraction is the Seychelles' largest hotel swimming pool with 700 m² of space for immersing the body from the heat of the tropical sun, that's for those who don’t want to walk a few steps onto one of Mahe islands' most popular beaches, Beau Vallon.

Mostly the discussion centered around when we were going back to Seychelles, how our Seychellois were doing in our respective countries and what we could do to help them. Consul Wendelborg has a 20 year affiliation with the Seychelles and a great knowledge of the country.
It was a good meeting and we hope to see him again while we are here.

Our walk to the train station was educational in preparation for our train trip. Consul Wendelborg directed us to the EGON Restaurant for our first hotdog and a beer which cost us 40$ each!!!

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