Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Kitchen Sink

After meeting with Maria today, T minus 11 days, we have added much to two important things --

  • The stack of travel docs we must carry around and
  • Our confidence about the final details of the journey.

We have docs and passes and tickets and transfers for the following:

  • Flybus -- will take us from Oslo airport to hotel.
  • Tickets for a tour of Oslo.
  • Stockholm passes to see museums and other sites.
  • Bus tickets to get from hotel to train station.
  • Bus tickets for a ride from hotel to M/S Finnmarken
  • Tickets entitling us to the spa experience of a lifetime at Blue Lagoon Spa.
  • Tour tickets for the Great Circle Tour while in Reykjavik.
  • And surely some other bit of paper that will gain us entry to something or other.

We also got some luggage tags and two little carry bags, a copy of our travel insurance and phone numbers to call if planes are delayed or luggage goes astray. What say you! 

Nobody has yet suggested we also take the kitchen sink. AND what am we going to do with all the luggage we am stacking up?? Everything is popping at the seams!!! Beth has tried and tried but cannot get everything in. She has no place to sleep!!!!

What about Becky's knitting??? Where oh where will she put that????

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