Monday, June 16, 2014

Naming Rights! or The Right Name if you are in Iceland

Saga's Return via our naming ourselves Icelandic! 

This is the way boys are named in Iceland.....

Girls however, have it better, insert Dad's first name (Beth's Dad, Harry: Becky's Dad, August) and then add...dottir..(so Beth would be Harrydottir and Becky would be Augustdottir). NOT GOING FOR THAT!!!!

Beth prefers...the self selected name Sara Sharpwit. Check the right side of our blog for other delightful Viking names.

Becky will be August-dottir.  Okay I reckon, but over the years I've sorta gotten used to Becky.  Silly story from the past -- sales people and others could not, for some reason, spell "August," my father's first name.  As a result my mother would say "August, like the month."  For many years of my childhood I assumed my dad's name was August-like-the-month.

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