Friday, July 4, 2014


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You Should Say........Yes

Another hotel with a towel each, shampoo in a giant bottle, no floor mat AND to top it off, the ice bucket was folded cardboard........OMG! Bergen Admiral Hotel. A lovely room and a great location but PLEASE!

Bergen is the sister city of Seattle as I was reminded by our Washington Consular Association leader, HConsul Kim Nesselquist (Norway). Bergen itself is a jewel of Norway, and makes a wonderful base for exploring the nearby Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord. Bergen’s famous Hanseatic wharf, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is great for walks along the picturesque city harbour before taking lunch at the Bergen Fish Market. This is really a lovely lovely town. Each street produces more and more precious views of such great homes.

This year Bergen will host the Tall Ships Race in late July, an event that is expected to draw nearly half a million visitors, along with ships and crews from over 30 countries.

We were up and attem' by noon today...Becky for a great haircut! When Nina the stylist asked whether she wanted bangs, Becky asked, "What should I say?"  Nina: You should say....Yes!  She changed her mind as you can see below.

We had our almost daily hot dog. The best yet! 
And found out how to make perfect hot dogs!!!

hot dog shop -- at least 9 varieties, including chorizo; we chose bratwurst

 Just under $200.00

We found the self-annointed "Best Norwegian Fast Food" shop -- Sostrerie Hagelin.  There we bot a 9 nok fish cake, about $1.50 US.  It looked like a dollar-size pancake, maybe a bit bigger.  it was gelatinous and chewy and very hot.  And white!  We shared it and continued our stroll.

We wandered through the Fish market planning our purchases for tomorrow (the ship), purchased a smoked salmon roll for tonight's dinner! Yummy!

crab shells stuffed with crab salad

AND we even had the chance to see a marching band parade by.....

these are the soldiers that followed the band

Tomorrow we do our Ferry shopping, our repacking, and board in late afternoon. Don't forget we will not have easy access to wifi so we will post when we can! Hope you had a great celebration and the fireworks were terrific!

This photo does true justice to the beauty of the Northwest....great holiday...great weather....paradise...we could be homesick but the gray skies and light rain we are having in Bergen is so normal....

Mt Rainier from KOMO news.

FACTOID: Bananas were first introduced to Norway in 1905.

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