Friday, June 27, 2014


Can you hear it?  We haven't attached any tunes to the blog, so we will do our best to let you know what you are hearing, the rumblings and stirrings of anticipation and activity.

Zip -- packing and unpacking and packing and unpacking (lost count.) 
Ruffle/Riffle -- maybe shuffle is better as we sort and misplace tickets, transfers, vouchers, tour details, flight info, maps and miscellaneous papers. 
Snoring -- the sound we cannot hear because we are not sleeping; awake with last minute chores and to-do lists. 
Swish -- best I could use as a substitute for the sliding sound of zip lock baggies of all sizes; you know, the air leaving when you squeeze the bag so it takes up less space. 
Crinkle/Crackle -- wrapped items make this noise, granola bars, antiseptic wipes, cedar sachets, and sometimes shoes. 
Slosh slosh -- the collective noise of the collective collection of tiny bottles of toiletries, such as shampoo, hairspray, lotion. 
Clinkle -- a new word to describe the sound that vitamins and aspirin and tums make as they are stuffed into a corner of the bag. 
Clatter/Clang -- all the technology bits and bobs that inhabit the pockets of the laptop carrier or purse; charger, ear buds, another charger, cords, adapters, converters, kindles, macs, camera cord, card reader, thumb drive.  (Another separate suitcase, perhaps?) 
Deep sigh -- the one we'll take and exhale when we are finally seated in the lovely limo which will carry us to airport Monday mid morning.
"Baby, baby, can you hear my heart beat?  You're the trip I love!"  

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