Tuesday, May 6, 2014

You Don't Really Wanna Know

The total trip cost is on the credit card. . .well sort of.

Maria took the totals, subtracted what we had already paid in deposits, added the extra for the train.  Then she called someone who takes credit card numbers and creates the charge for our accounts. 

Of course there is a service fee.

And we have not yet paid for the hotels that Inger booked for us in the north country.

. . .or the food along the way;
. . .or our share of the car rental and gas;
. . .or the special bath powders from the spa in Reykjavik;
. . .or the limo to and from Seatac airport;
. . .or the incredible Norwegian sweater we will find and want;
. . .or

You don't really wanna know.

Norwegians are huge coffee lovers. In Norway coffee is usually served black. On Sundays a lot of locals come down to the port to have a coffee on board Hurtigruten.

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