Friday, January 31, 2014

A Girl Can't Be Without . . .

Her "Bits and Pieces"

Her "Nits and Kits" 

Her "Bits and Bobs"

Her News Tribune -- maybe our vacay pic with the paper will be IN the paper (again!)

O magazine...Oprah will publish if it is something really cool.

Her umbrella, always a small umbrella. 

Maybe a hat to keep us warmmmmmmmm. gloves, earmuffs???

Her black pants -- Beth has already packed three pair and says she is ready to depart (1/31) Hey! these pants, black socks, long johns and undershirts -- READY!!!!!!

Her gifties for the girlies -- little thingies will we take to say thank you to our two traveling pals especially big thank you to Inger for hotel reservations, driving, speaking the language, and developing our itinerary...Vikki for saying we could go with.

our maps and our research and our reading materials...and our laptops..kindles... I-phones ..cameras...100's of adapters to keep all this technology working.

. . .  to be continued, stay tuned for the rest of all the things that we keep remembering that we definitely NEED!!! 

Sunglasses, hats, scarves (the warm kind, not the fashion kind), maybe earmuffs, gloves 

Boots, warm sox, lots of warm sox for sleeping too

And her sleep mask 

Long underwear

Chapstick, lip balm, whatever you wanna call it (Baltic lips)

Eye shades, ear plugs, dramamine, deet

MEDICINE and then more "MEDICINE"

What if the weather warms??? crop pants, t-shirts, light wraps, bathing suits?

USA shirt for July 4th celebration

. . . More later

Blogger Editorial -- We will need seventeen suitcases, three steamer trunks, and the Queen Mary stewards to transport our wardrobe and comfort things across the waters.

Oh MG, we just found out that we are encouraged to make lunch from the hotel breakfasts...we need soft sided, insulated lunch zip lock baggies...

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